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Thank you for visiting OcluVet.com.  Thousands of pet owners have experienced the benefits of using OcluVet Eye Drops for their dogs, cats, birds and other companion animals.  OcluVet contains critical ingredients utilized by the ocular lens to aid in the repair and maintenance of lens crystallin proteins.

Cataracts and lenticular sclerosis are two of the most common eye problems seen in dogs over the age of 9.  Some estimates show the prevalence at 50% in dogs over 9 and 100% in dogs over the age of 13.

In a multi-veterinary hospital clinical study of cataract and lenticular sclerosis conditions in several animal species, 83% showed a measurable reduction in opacity and/or improved acuity. Administration of one drop per eye TID was given for 8 weeks followed by a one drop per day administration for maintenance.

It is necessary for your pet to be evaluated by a veterinarian to assess the nature of your pet's eye problems.  Therefore, OcluVet is only available through licensed veterinary practices.

OcluVet contains natural ingredients.  There are no known side-effects associated with the use of this product.

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These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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